With His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji's personal blessings

following Namdhari CD's VCD's, DVD's & BluRay's are available

Digitally recorded, Computer Enhanced and mastered for everlasting quality.


Updesh CDs

This sections contains the list of all Updesh CDs by

His Holiness Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji & 

His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji.

A list of DVDs appear in this section.


A list of all VCD's appear in this section.  

Quality of VCD's is comparable to VHS tapes.  

VCDs can be played in DVD players or PC's using Windows Media Player.


A complete list of all CDs including Asa Di Vars, Gurmat Sangeet, Dewaans, instrumental, Poetry and others.

MP3s All the MP3 produced so far have been listed here




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