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With Sri Satguru Uday Singh Ji's approval & personal blessings

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji E-Library

has been created.

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Currently only few books have been included the the BookList. Our initial target is 10,000 books that will become part of this library. Over 2000 books will be available as soon as the index on these books is complete. These include rare books on Gurbani, Indian Classical Music, Sikhism, SIkh History and many more.

Your valuable assistance, support, suggestions, feedback of every kind is required to enhance and expand this project for the benefits of numerous members of the humanity. We need your contributions in terms of book loan from your own collection, which will be fully acknowledged both in the books as well as on this site.

We also need technical experts, website designers, librarians, music lovers, content advisors to help us with this project. We look forward to hear from you.






We thank the following respected members

for their generous contributions


Namdhari Writers

Harpal Singh Sewak

Sant Singh

Late Pr. Beant Kaur

Tara Singh Anjaan

Jagdish Singh Waryam

Suba Surinder Kaur Kharal

Kavi Gurmukh SIngh Ratan

& many more





Vartman Hindustan


Harpal Singh Sewak

Gurdev SIngh Virdee

Late Surjeet SIngh Jeet

Harbhajan Kaur Chana

Ajit SIngh Saggu

Ripudaman Singh Plaha

Kiranpal SIngh Deora




Some books on Sikhism may contain some contents which may not be as per Namdhari doctrines. These books have been included in this library purely for research and exploration purposes. The views expressed in this Library is purely authors own and we cannot accept any liabilities. Some of the books have been included for their significance as part of developing historic events.


The readers need  to use their fair judgment as to the true facts of history and not be carried away by the writer's own prejudices.






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